Farewell 2020, It’s Been …

The Gorge in Victoria, photo courtesy Bo Saj.
As the sun sets on 2020, I’m ready to say goodbye. It wasn’t all bad, but it’s time for a new beginning. Life goes on despite it, and that is really the most valuable key in my possession. 

I have no doubt that 2021 will be my year because I will make it my year. I know this for several reasons—and a feeling in my gut. And that I am in charge of my own destiny.

Also, because yesterday afternoon, I had a revelation. My husband complimented the latest piece I’m working on. While he is very supportive, he doesn’t flatter me if I didn’t earn the praise.

And The Award Goes To is a story I am writing for The Sun Literary Magazine. We all have goals and aspirations, The Sun is mine. This piece is complicated to write; the subject matter enrages me and yet inspires me. I took a fictional stand on a sensitive topic, it was the only way I could keep the tone from running away with my emotions.
It’s forced me to find my voice, to take a stand, and look truth in the eye, and accept what it stands for.

My husband is a harsh critic because he’s honest and his praise means everything to me. For this story, he left me with only a few suggestions to improve what is still the rough draft. I’m grappling with incorporating his ideas, good writing takes time. As writers, it’s also essential to deal with feedback, both good and negative. It’s about respecting our readers and understanding how our ideas and words translate. Last night, he said the previous two pieces I wrote read like I’m a writer who has arrived. I have fucking arrived!  Hallelujah!

For him to like something I wrote, is simply a huge achievement. While he supports my writing wholeheartedly, he doesn’t blow smoke up my ass either. He also reads more articles on political and controversial subjects (I’m a fiction person), he knows his stuff.

And this morning, I had another nice surprise. There was a note from Literally Fiction about a submission I sent, and Hugh, one of the editors said, “It’s great to see you back! That he acknowledged me, small step, big sign, pat on the shoulder. Thank you, I’ll take it.

I also managed to send off several submissions and have a few more waiting for the greenlight*. And as a writer, I’ve come to appreciate that submitting is like slinging mud; who knows what will stick? It is the bane of our existence and very time-consuming.

So look out world — I am ready for 2021.

Before saying farewell to 2020, I want to say thank you. 
I’ve learned so much in 2020. I learned to appreciate, write better, find my voice, learn so many more essential skills. I also signed a publishing contract. The release of The Lucky Man — An Act of Malice is scheduled for Spring 2021.

But what is the absolute truth: Health is everything. 

In 2020, I spent time in beautiful Victoria, Calgary, and finally moved on to Okotoks. I’m grateful to my sister and also to two friends for housing us and sharing such a fantastic friendship. The idea was to stay for a couple of weeks (we are housesitters so Covid has put a cramp in our style), and now after seven months, we’re ready to move on. If not physically, then at least mentally and spiritually. 

I have grown as a person; I’ve made new friends through my WordPress site, for which I am grateful. It’s such a beautiful thing when strangers reach out and support you.

I’ve come to terms with that to some people, I matter less than I thought I should. I’m okay with that, even if it hurts a little. I cannot be everything to all people all the time.

So, 2020, I’ll see you in the rearview mirror, and there’s no way I’m gonna forget you. I look forward to the day when I sit back and say, do you remember back in 2020 when…
(20/20 hindsight is everything.)

*About Greenlight. I’m sure you are familiar with the bestseller by Matthew McConaughey. While I don’t often read megastar propaganda, this is worth reading. Matthew is a lot more human than I gave him credit for. It’s surprising what you can learn from his approach, his success, and his failures.

Happy New Year, I’ll see you on the flip side of 2021.


  1. Hello Monika, you are a tonic! I wonder if the true pandemic in our world is media hype, vomiting all manner of , negativity and in many cases, blatant lies over its viewers/readers? Like you, for me 2020 was a wonderful year. I have no illusions, it was a hard and at times very difficult, frustrating year. I received a message this morning: Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life; one is, as nothing is a miracle, the other, as everything is a miracle.” No points for which one I will take!
    I know the value of a spouse who gives straight ‘down the line’ input into my writing; you are blessed to have such a husband.
    My wish for you is, inasmuch as this is your year, you will realize you dreams and much more. Bless you Monika.

    1. Thank you .Sir Peter. Your generous comments really humble me and I appreciate them so much.

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