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My muse for The Lucky Man-An Act of Malice.

Getting book reviews is not the only uncomfortable request authors have to master, but when another reviewer emails you this comment, the hours you devoted to your book are all worth it.

Hi Monika,

I’ve finished with The Lucky Man, and was quite impressed. It’s definitely a page-turner and delves into the deep end of the plight of our planet while keeping the reader in a state of suspense that only a well-conceived well-written who-done-it can do.

I was kept on the edge of my seat The Who way, and the … of the Spencer’s completely took me by surprise. Well done. Nothing will change my mind about giving this a strong FIVE stars.

From Author Tobin Marks:…/dp/1633372375/ref=sr_1_2…

Stay tuned for my book launch…


  1. Dorothy Larson says:

    I have never liked writing & hatedhaving to write book reports in school. Here is my attempt at writing a review of your book. I have just finished reading the pdf. copy of “The Lucky Man – An act of Malice” and was impressed in her first book this author was able to draw me completely into the story. “Jack” is in paradise to serve as best man for his best friend from childhood wedding. After a few nights of leading the high life, circumstances find him adrift in a small boat. The author is able to make you feel the desolation of the vast ocean where rewards are small and suffering is real. She is also make you feel the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Like me you may find yourself wondering what the eclectic group of people on the island have to do with the story. I found myself anxious to get back to the mystery of the what and why of what was happening with Jack. The author was able to bring everything together giving us the answers we were searching for. Also the people on the island were able to leave us with a powerful message of what we are doing to our planet. I am looking forward to reading the published book and will be recommending it to my friends.

    Monika if this is something like what a review should be like feel free to share it to the sites you would like. Great story but I did keep thinking he was going to be washed up back in Hawaii. Forty years ago when we were there and visiting the “Blow Hole” outside of Honolulu we were talking to a man who was just standing looking out at the ocean. He told us that he had been swimming there the day before when he got caught in the current. He said a young Hawaiian saw him struggling and swam out to him. This young person stayed with him and talked him down to relax and let the current carry them. He said they were carried out so far that te land was just a tiny speck. This young person kept talking to him and told him that the current would return them to shore. He said it took several hours but that they were brought back. He said he owed that person his life.

    The next time we were there Todd was 7 and was there with us. We were at the beach just playing close to shore with masks and snorkels when a big wave caught us. I grabbed Todd and his mask but in the process lost mine. Of course I think the whole beach heard Cal tell me have stupid I had been to let go of mine when it was still just on top of my head. It was a very good one as back then Cal and Ken were involved with a dive shop. Awhile later a young fellow who was with his young family just beside us on the beach got up, walked down the beach a ways, went out into the water, bent down a picked up my mask and snorkel. He came back, gave it to me and said you just have to know how the currents flow. Not sure when you and Kevin are able to get on with your adventure but it would sure be good to get together before you do. We are always close to home but if you can’t make it here we could meet you somewhere.

    Keep writing so that some day we can point to your book in the store and say “we knew her before she was famous”. Keep well and a big hello to Kevin.

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  2. Deborah Edwards says:

    I would really like to review your book but can’t find a way to contact you
    Are you still offering review copies?

    1. Hi Deborah
      Thanks for your interest in reviewing my book. All I can offer for the review right now is a PDF version. If you’d like to review that, I’d be thrilled to send it to you. Regards, Monika

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