The Cover Page & Center Fold

So cool to finally see my first children’s story published. The School Magazine (Australia) did such an amazing job and I’m just thrilled that, “Swimmingly, Willie” is the cover story and the center fold in the June edition of Blast Off.

The Cover Page, Blast Off, The School Magazine

Page 1, The life of bees isn’t a big secret, but they have a quirky sense of humor.

The 2nd Installment

Not everyone knows this but the Calgary Public Library has such a cool story dispenser program. Lovingly, Willie is part of the 5-Minute Read rotation. There are four dispensers right now. One is at the Edmonton International Airport.

Read the story here:

Photo by Pixabay on


  1. Hi Monika, I loved this piece, so special. Well done. Logged on to the Calgary Public Library version and they asked to share it. This I did on my site. You should receive a copy, let me know if you don’t. I was unable to use their image, so I loaded one from Pexels. Blessings, Peter.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks again for your support. Haven’t had much time for WP lately. Hope you are doing well. Going to be in the UK over Christmas. Looking forward to a jolly holiday.

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