About Monika R. Martyn:

Hey, that’s me looking at you!

Thanks for coming to this About Page.

I’m the debut author of The Lucky Man-An Act of Malice

Perhaps one day you will see the movie and remember that you met me on WordPress and have that Aha! moment. Other than that, I try to be as normal as I can. But writing is what I do, every day.

More about my journey is below:


Current Title: President of Monika R. Martyn

Had the great news this year that The School Magazine AU is going to publish a children’s story of mine: Swimmingly, Willie.

The thought of reaching children in over 4000 Australian schools is staggering.

A List of Publications From the Beginning:

2012 – Current

Polar Expressions Publishing

Any publishing venue that supports emerging artists is a true friend of the artist.

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

This hardcover collection is beautiful and represents so many talented authors.

Mused Literary Magazine (Offspring of BellaOnline)

Mused was another great venue for starting artists, and I’m sorry it is now defunct.




BellaOnline The Voice of Women

Bella is home to at least 20 articles about all things Canadian that I contributed.


Scene & Heard

The Goat paired my short story with great coffee art.

The Moon Magazine

This is an all-encompassing magazine for underrepresented voices in publishing.


Soft Cartel

Sadly defunct, this lit mag launched the story Footprints, which became my debut novel.


Adelaide Literary Magazine

Always championing new talent, they focus on publishing talent on the fringes.

Awakened Voices Erasure Issue 09

Rejected Manuscript

These amazing editors give life to short projects deemed not publishable by other venues.


The Scarlet Leaf Review

Not sure how the editor in chief, Roxanna, copes with the sheer volume of submissions. 


They also accepted my submission, Consequences, but I declined.


Headquartered near the haunts that Dickens and Chaucer walked, their focus is on water.


East of The Web

I’m proud of this publication which was in third place for top stories for several months.


Literally Stories

They foster talent and a writing hub where everyone is welcomed.


This magazine champions all things animal. 

https://www.honeyguidemag.com/ Print/Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2021


Prairie: Beauty is what you choose to see.

I wander through life to experience trying something new, (not with food, eek!). I live with less and live more because I get to do what I enjoy. Writing, travelling, chatting with strangers and being with my husband.

Never stop learning!


Lester the Coolest Cat in Mexico


I would provide my email and phone but after having that rather nasty extortion experience earlier this year, well, I’d rather not.


The Lucky Man

It’s a great book, otherwise, we have a bunch of liars in our midst. Check it out!

What Else?

I’ve been with my husband forever. Wouldn’t trade him or his blue eyes but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t annoy me sometimes. He’s not my best friend. He’s my husband. Other people are my best friends.

Me and the Magnificent Pacific. The star of my novel, The Lucky Man.

What I Do

I write. When I’m not writing, I think about writing or feel guilty for not writing enough. Currently writing fascinating content for WordAgents. Chances are if you’re reading articles on Glock 19s, toilets, whirlfloc, BPOs, real estate, dogs, chainsaws…that content might have been written by me.

What Makes Me Tick?

Once upon a time, I was a category manager of cosmetics for Loblaw/Westfair. Talk about stress. Met some pretty fantastic ladies though. Now I’m an international house and pet sitter and travel wherever a cat or dog needs me. I’ve been to me Europe, Mexico, Panama, and all across Canada for the last 4 years with Trusted Housesitters.

I live out of a suitcase and that’s all I own. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

AH! To be 22 years young again.

Let’s make something together.