These Shoes ….

These shoes were made for walking …

But they could also lead to the culprit responsible 

For Jack Spencer’s disappearance.

Find out more and see what happened to Jack, to Myra, to Kai. A Readers’ Favorite 5 * novel

Courtesy Pexel, Terje Sollie

A Million Reasons

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Every week, Grammarly sends me a progress report and encourages me to keep on writing. My current status is ‘Philosopher” and in October I managed to write 48,000 words. That’s the reason I’m not always active on WordPress, on any Social Media platform. I am, however, always touched when my followers like my posts or comments. Thank you for that.

As a writer, I’m familiar with the rejection process. When I submit I float on that cloud that maybe, just maybe, this is the submission that will be recognized. That glimmer of hope floats until that email arrives that holds the power to change everything.

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For Hire

Hi there! So you’re looking for someone to write content. Look no further. Monika R. Martyn is a dedicated professional. She is currently the Canadian Culture Editor for, the second-largest women’s website that receives millions of visitors each month, and her debut novel, The Lucky Man–An Act of Malice will hit the shelves, hopefully as a bestseller, in March of 2021.


Painting courtesy of Marlo A. Ackerblade